Corting the Cream of 29A Residents!

food-city-theme-summer-ice-creamCortney Phillips House Candidate for 29A is having a FREE ICE CREAM social on 6/26/16 after the Good Neighbor Days Parade at Lions Park in Howard Lake MN. (Approximately 3:30pm)
We wanted to let you know about this event in case any of you can join her and want to meet some new friends and neighbors! We will be walking in the parade as well if anyone wanted to come and join in we would love to have you!
Your toughest decision after getting to Lions Park will be…Vanilla, Chocolate, or BOTH?! Come out, join us for some free ice cream, and say HI!

Haven’t registered to Vote yet?

Hello My Friends and Neighbors,

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, please take a moment to click on the link in the menu bar.  The link will walk you through registering to vote.

There is no better time to register, and I would welcome your feedback and your ideas as we head into election season.  I may have a grass roots campaign, but, I believe in our communities.  I need to hear from you to make them better.

I know we are a great community and district, and I can’t wait to work with you all to break down those barriers of invisibility in our rural district.


Welcome to Candidate Cortney Phillips Website

I am doing my best in a Grass Roots campaign to build a movement and create opportunities by running for public office this November. I have seen first hand how we make change when the community of family and friends sticks together. Please connect with me on my Facebook page, “Friends of Cortney” for more information on this movement. We are united as workers, moms and dads, and as Americans. My sons and daughter are worth more, this movement is worth more, it’s about their future and the future of our children and it is worth investing in.

I have been endorsed as a Candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives from House District 29A. Please consider helping in this endeavor so that I may run a viable and aggressive campaign and become the Representative from House District 29A. You can do this by continuing to help me raise funds for my campaign using the Donate Now page.

Thank you for your consideration. Wish me luck!
Cortney Phillips