Meet Cortney
My family and I are so fortunate to live in the great state of Minnesota and to call Wright County our home. It took many years and many journeys to find such a place. Allow me to share the journey with you.

Cortney’s father, Petty Officer 2nd Class Gary George, was a member of the United States Navy. He served on the battleship USS Oklahoma City with dedication and honor. He returned to work as a factory worker for the Honeywell corporation, dividing his time to his career and his family. Gary was also an active member of the Teamsters Union, participating in strikes and having a local voice in the movement of workers rights.

Debra Sams, Cortney’s mother, was born in Akron Ohio and eventually her family moved to Minnesota in search of the Great American Dream. She was the oldest child of four. Debra passed away when Cortney was only 19 years old.

Cortney had a tough childhood in some respects. Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Cancer at the tender age of 2, the battle to survive is something she has grown with all her life. Cortney has been involved with activism for “The Cure” for many years in hopes to eradicate cancer in the many families and lives it has touched.

She attended Armstrong High school in Plymouth, MN where she met her husband, Derrick Phillips. Derrick and Cortney married after high school and grew a family of 3 wonderful children together. Together they have worked to build a loving a caring dynamic in the household supporting family values in all areas of their lives. With 10 plus years in the health care system as a PCA and home Health Aid, she cares about the dignity and honor of those with disabilities and for our senior citizens who wish to remain in the home. The progress we mean to make on Friends of Cortney’s campaign goals will improve the lives of individuals, families, and children through out Wright County and hopefully after this campaign year, through out Minnesota.