Below you will find links to articles showing Cortney working for you and for a better Wright County.

5/17/16 This morning the United States Supreme Court refused to grant cert in Greene vs. Dayton, the latest defeat for anti-union organizations trying to undermine the right of home care workers in Minnesota to continue their democratically elected Union.

5.17.16 Court Ruling


Workers Memorial Day 2016- all laborers deserve safety and dignity on the job. Safe work places promote healthy and strong communities.


“The industry deserves more value,” Cortney Phillips, a home care worker from Annandale, said. “Our union is ready to provide that. And joining the union is completely voluntary.”


Cortney is already familiar with the state legislative process and has been working for a few years now across party lines working for transparency for our district and trying to to improve things for everyone.


Home care union leaders — both workers and clients — working with state staff to design a matching registry for Minnesota, so that home care clients can better find workers and workers can better find clients. This group, called the State-Provider Cooperation Committee, and its charge to work on shaping a registry, were won in our first home care union contract.

Cortney on the State-Provider Cooperation Committee